piston slip when Krai’s short lifespan and content curtailment fault

Piston slip when Krai's short lifespan and content curtailment fault

Piston slip when Krai’s short lifespan and content curtailment fault

Friends, when you rebuild the engine, lift up the crank shaft, install the piston and connector, and turn the connector vertically to see if it is tight. Have you ever tried it?

There, you may have experienced the engineer looking at the components in turn. If you ask what you are doing, the engineer will ask you if the container is tight. It will answer that it is free or just trying. He will answer that he is measuring the side clearance.

Piston slip when Krai’s short lifespan and content curtailment fault

That is, before adding the kray, the outside container does not settle on the kray. Balance is the first thing that Krai is looking at. That point is very important. If you do not test the right and left side of the engine, if it is loose when the engine is cranked, the engine will make a low sound.

If it’s too tight, the engine won’t start. If the engine wine doesn’t arrive between you, because you’re not looking for engine wine, you’re happy. The content needs to be aligned. There is an online forum where you can try Konatin Belang Thamyi. But the engineers don’t use it. They tried this easily.

Some say that they try to see if there is a mass of oil between the conatine and the krait. that’s right. But why did they try it? Yes, they tried it online. That is the measurement of side clearance. The side clearance is still different from one engine to another. It is roughly “0.013 – 0.015”.

In the case of steel conneting conneting rod and aluminum conneting rod, engines using steel conneting can give conneting rod more tension. In other words, less side clearance. When you turn the container, you have to put it a little tight. The reason for this is that steel and aluminum have better heat resistance in terms of metal properties, so the change in metal properties is less metal deformation. There is a lot of side clearance when the container is crooked.

Few things happened. Those are the pistons that are damaged before the time. When are you happy? Picking up the Krai ate It may be broken. If you know that the container is picking up, use a thinner oil.

This is a non-contingent remedy. I am collecting content. If you go to use thick oil because of the noise of the container, you often have to fill the engine before the time.

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